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GeoYukon Version 2 Released

April 21, 2015

GeoYukon Version 2.0,, supports most modern browsers, with or without using the Silverlight plugin, and mobile environments.  There are 2 supported versions for GeoYukon:

  • Silverlight version - Works with the Silverlight plug-in for supported browsers.  Chrome's latest version is starting to discontinue support for Silverlight.  However, this version hosts a richer user experience and contains more functionality.
  • HTML5 and Mobile version - Works with most modern browsers and on mobile devices. However, this version has less functionality at this time.

If you have Silverlight installed you will be taken to the Silverlight version.  If you don't have Silverlight, you will be taken to the HTML5 version.  GeoYukon will be transitioning entirely to the HTML5 version of GeoYukon once we can offer all the same functionality that we are currently offering in the Silverlight version.

This upgrade also includes many improvements to the application's functionality based on user feedback.

  • supports KML/KMZ format
  • indicator for data download limits
  • checks for empty layers before downloading

GeoYukon also includes new Biological data for species of concern and Wildlife Key Areas.

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