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GeoYukon: new CanVec base added

December 06, 2017

The CanVec Base Data is now available in GeoYukon. CanVec is a new set of base data for the Yukon, which is more current and positionally accurate than the older National Topographic Data Base (NTDB) that we have been using for many years.  

In order to aid users in the transition to the new CanVec Base Data we have made available both collections of Base Data.  The NTDB is now considered to be a legacy base data collection, however, we're aware that many data sets have been developed based on this and will require some time to transition to the new CanVec base.  The NTDB collection will eventually be removed.

The CanVec Base Data should be used primarily, unless you have a specific requirement for the legacy NTDB data content.

Please be aware that the cached Base Map under the Base Map heading is still using the NTDB data content.  There are plans in place in the near term to update the content of this cached map service as well.  

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