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Corporate Spatial Warehouse: New Biophysical data set available

September 21, 2017

Environment Yukon has released a new dataset in CSW: Bioclimate Zones and Subzones

The layerfile is under \\cswprod\layerfiles\Biophysical\

Development of the Bioclimate Zones and Subzones of Yukon is the culmination of over 10 years of development through the efforts of working groups and project teams. The bioclimate zone/subzone level of the Yukon Bioclimate Ecosystem Classification (YBEC), although broad in scale, is the architecture that organizes larger (more detailed) scale classification down to the site level. For further information about the YBEC system please refer to Southern Lakes Boreal Low Subzone (BOLsl): A Field Guide to Ecosite (Environment Yukon 2017) or Yukon Ecological and Landscape Classification and Mapping Guidelines (Environment Yukon 2016).

This dataset is now on the geomatics yukon ftpsite and will be added to GeoYukon in the next couple of days

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