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Imagery: Connecting to Yukon Government Image Services

August 05, 2016

Georeferenced imagery is one of the most requested types of data from Geomatics Yukon. However, acquiring the most recent imagery for a project area can be challenging. 

In an effort to expose as many of the services published in Yukon government web applications as possible, we are providing the following instructions for connecting to the image services. These services are typically updated twice per year, and contain all licensed and public Yukon government imagery.

(Note: These instructions are for the ESRI ArcGIS platform.)

  1. Open ArcCatalog
  2. Expand GIS Servers
  3. Double click Add ArcGIS Server
  4. Choose Use GIS Services
  5. Enter the URL: (No User, or Password needed)
  6. Click Finish.
  7.  A new connection should appear called “arcgis on (user)”.
  8. Expand Image Services - These are the image services published on the YG applications

Tip 1.      Use the Mosaic Tab to change the image display order according to a field. You can read details on how to do this in the ArcGIS help menu, and online.

Tip 2.      Use a Definition Query to display the service according to some criteria (i.e. acquisition date, or project area).

If you have any questions about Yukon government imagery or services, please email

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